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To Buy Single Copies

Buy single copies of the Singer's Practice Planner book directly from or other retailer for only $7.99.

This practice log is a very helpful and logical way for students to monitor and track their progress. It is very inexpensive so every student can afford to get one OR so you can buy one for each of your students. ~ Diana A.

Bulk Orders of Singer's Practice Planner

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Place your bulk order by sending us a message with your invoicing email address, colors, and quantities. Or give us a call at the number below. Seem casual? We think of it as personal.

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Practice Planners for Singers

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International Customers and Schools with In-House Printing

Is the Amazon price higher than your equivalent of $10 USD? Do you want an endless supply of copies? Or is the cost of international shipping taking your breath away? Print new copies any time by purchasing the pdf.